Profession is the catalyst for change according to Professor Kovin Naidoo.

It was standing room only at the Main Stage at 100% Optical as Professor Kovin Naidoo opened the 100% Optical 2016 seminar programme on Saturday morning.

Professor Naidoo called the optometry community to action, urging them to tackle the growing problem of myopia, which could see 50% of the population visually impaired by 2050.

“We have to respond as a profession now,” said Professor Naidoo. “Otherwise we’re risking a future public health crisis and severely limiting our capacity to say that optometry is relevant and up to modern challenges.”

He also went on to stress that the myopia challenge needs a co-ordinated approach, with optometrists working to promote education for parents and children around the condition, not just their own practices and services.

“It’s only by working together that we can address this challenge and hit our target of reaching 50 million children by 2020, both in developed and developing countries,” continued Professor Naidoo. “That’s why we’ve set up Our Children’s Vision and partnered with organisations like Brien Holden Vision and Essilor. Optometrists are the gateway to getting the NHS, NGOs and governments to take notice and work with us to change a future where 50% of the population could be visually impaired.”

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