“There is a buzz around the stand today with the competitions running throughout the weekend. There has been particular interest in our award winning attitude range.” Tanya Storey - head of sales and professional services at Shamir

"The London location and the perfect timing is why we have chosen 100% Optical for our British premiere", said Essore Pisano, key account manager for De Rigo.

"This is our first trade show in ten years and we've been here as visitors for the show's first two years, and we've seen how well organised it is. It's a good looking event with a great fashion focus."

Premiering the eyewear rang giant, Dunhill, visitors at the show were the first in the British Isles to see the new range of menswear - sunglasses and optical frames.Withi n an hour of the show opening De Rigo were already attracting a lot of visitors. The Italian designers, manufacturers and distributors say they have good business in the independent sector but know they can grow their market with such a iconic and powerful new brand. Pisano said Dunhill was the quintessential British brand and they had taken that strong DNA into the De Rigo collection.

The two companies had created an eyewear collection perfect for the cosmopolitan gentlemen. A mix of modern elegance, uniqueness, attention to detail and high quality; Dunhill's rich heritage, combined with its subtle, high-fashion nature has made for an exciting new partnership between two iconic brands.

 “We’re showcasing our products here for the first time this year because of customer demand – they wanted to see us at 100%! Now we’re here, we’re looking forward to a great weekend.” Mustaq Rassool, sales, Essilor

“We’re here launching our new 24 Hour Dry Eye Kit, with a 10% discount for show visitors, and teasing the launch of our new Ultra lenses later this year. The independent market is our focus and we’re always looking at how we can support them, which is why we’re here at the show. The organisation is fantastic and we love how friendly the atmosphere is.” Richard Smith, technical and scientific manager, Bausch + Lomb

“It’s our first time at 100% Optical and we’ve already secured a couple of orders within the first few hours! We felt this is where we needed to be – it’s got such a different feel to other shows and we love the modern and funky vibe. It’s also great to see some of our frames on the catwalk!” Hesham Goda, Henry Beaumont