100% Optical will deliver a truly comprehensive and world-leading educational programme produced in partnership with the Association of Optometrists. There are four keynote lectures each day from leading international experts, and additional seminars in four key areas within the exhibition. Leading Moorfields Eye Hospital specialists feature in a number of workshops and keynote lectures.  To view the 100% Optical timetable click on the tabs below. The majority of seminars will come with CET points.

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Professor Brien Holden
World Leader in Vision Science & Founder of the Brien Holden Vision Institute (above)

Brien Holden is a world leader in vision science, eye health and elimination of vision impairment and avoidable blindness around the world. His contributions extend across research, education, public health and social enterprise. He has generated over $1 billion in research, education and humanitarian funds over the last 40 years and has been described as “the most influential optometrist of our generation.” Brien’s commitment propels the Brien Holden Vision Institute forward in making breakthrough products and quality eye care sustainable, accessible and affordable. 

Seminar main Romesh-Angunawela

Mr Romesh Angunawela (BM, MD, FRCOphth, FRCSEd) 
Consultant Eye Surgeon, Moorfields Eye Hospital

Mr Romesh Angunawela is a full time Consultant Eye Surgeon at Moorfields and specializes in complex corneal disease, corneal transplantation surgery, cataract surgery and laser eye surgery. His keynote lecture will focus on the latest developments in refractive surgery. He received a doctorate (MD) from the University of London for his thesis on corneal wound healing after laser refractive surgery and has published nearly 50 scientific papers in peer reviewed medical journals, largely focusing on corneal surgery and laser vision correction.

Seminar main Kovin-NaidooProfessor Kovin Naidoo (BSc, BOptom, OD, MPH, PhD), Global Programs Director of the Brien Holden Vision Institute and Chairman of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (Africa)

An outstanding academic, researcher, educator and internationally celebrated public health leader, Professor Kovin Naidoo has been revolutionising access and delivery to eye care in Africa and for the disadvantaged throughout the world. A powerful public health advocate, he has devoted his working life to reducing avoidable blindness and vision impairment, with specific emphasis on refractive error. His research profile is extensive and has spanned a plethora of focus areas, however, public health optometry remains at the core. He will bring an understanding of how UK healthcare fits into the global picture and the growing burden of avoidable blindness across the world with its links to poverty, low income and socially excluded groups.

seminar main Eef-van-de-worpDr Eef van de Worp (BOptom, PhD, FAAO, FIACLE, FBCLA, FSLS) Associate Researcher, University of Maastricht

Eef van der Worp is an educator and researcher based in the Netherlands. He received his optometry degree from the Hogeschool van Utrecht and was a head of the contact lens department at the school for over eight years. He received his PhD from the University of Maastricht in 2008. He is currently affiliated with the University of Maastricht as an associate researcher, a visiting scientist at Manchester University, adjunct Professor at the University of Montreal University College of Optometry and adjunct assistant Professor at Pacific University College of Optometry, USA. He has lectured extensively worldwide and his presentation at 100% Optical will focus on the lost art of soft contact lens “fitting,” although he says “perhaps we should say soft contact lens ‘selection’, because we haven’t been ‘fitting’ soft lenses for some time now”.

seminar main AnitaSimmersProfessor Anita Simmers, Senior Lecturer, Department of Vision Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University

Initially trained as an orthoptist Professor Simmers gained an insight into clinical practice before embarking on a scientific career (MPH 1993 and PhD in Clinical Visual Science 1997). Anita has a wealth of postdoctoral research experience both nationally and internationally including a prestigious MRC Fellowship at the Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL. She has been a lecturer in the Department of Optometry and Visual Science, City University and had honorary positions with the Medical School, Imperial College and Moorfields Eye Hospital. More recently Professor Simmers has taken up a Senior faculty position in the Department of Vision Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University. The talk will provide a review of the current evidence–based guidelines covering the management of amblyopia in optometric practice. This will be followed by a discussion on current advances in the research arena, which hold promising, and exciting new treatment modalities, such as the use of video gaming technology.

seminar main Julian-StevensMr Julian Stevens (MRCP, FRCS, FRCOphth., DO), Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital

Mr Julian Stevens is a consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital and has previously held roles as first Director of Refractive Surgery at Moorfields and Director of Cataract Teaching & Training. Mr Stevens is an examiner for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and holds the Certification of the Royal College in Laser Refractive Surgery. He is also an advisor to the British Society for Refractive Surgery and is on the Board of the International Society of Refractive Surgery. Mr Stevens has published peer reviewed papers in the areas of refractive, cataract surgery and anterior segment surgery and had patents issued in corneal, laser refractive surgery, femtosecond surgery. He will explore advances in cataract surgery and in particular femtophaco techniques in his keynote seminar at 100% Optical.

seminar main EdMallenProfessor Edward Mallen (PhD MCOptom FHEA), Head of Bradford School of Optometry and Vision Science and Professor of Physiological Optics at the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire

Professor Edward Mallen is Head of Bradford School of Optometry and Vision Science, and Professor of Physiological Optics at the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. He also holds the position of Honorary Professor with the School of Health Professions, Plymouth University, UK. Ed’s principal research interests are accommodation control in the human visual system, neural adaptations to blur, ocular biometry in refractive error, orthokeratology, ocular aberrations and adaptive optics. He is particularly interested in the link between structural and functional correlates within the myopic eye, and methods to reduce the progression of myopia in the juvenile and young adult eye. Away from the university, Ed is a Trustee of the College of Optometrists and Chair of the Research Committee.

seminar main Ethan-PrielMr Ethan Priel FOPSFounder and Director of the Ophthalmology Department at the MOR Institute, Israel

Ethan Priel has devoted most of his professional career to the study and perfection of ophthalmic imaging techniques, together with his longstanding commitment to research and education, both in publications and through his involvement in the international Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society. Throughout his career Mr. Priel has been active in ophthalmic imaging technology’s evolution from film-based fundus cameras to simultaneous high-speed angiography and OCT systems and he is the Founder and Director of the Ophthalmology Department at the MOR Institute in Israel, a state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment center. Mr. Priel will be supported by an Education grant from Heidelberg Engineering to present at 100% Optical as a keynote speaker.

seminar main DanGoreMr Daniel M Gore (BSc FRCOphth), Corneal Fellow, Moorfields Eye Hospital

Dan Gore is currently undergoing subspecialty fellowship training in corneal and refractive surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital. A previous recipient of the Royal Society of Medicine Ellison-Cliffe Travelling Fellowship, he spent 12 months recently volunteering in South Africa, focusing on ocular trauma and HIV-related eye disease. He is the 2013 Ian Collins Rayner Fellow, supporting a two-year research program investigating new interventions for keratoconus. Dan is a recent alumnus of Prepare to Lead, NHS London’s flagship leadership development mentoring programme for trainees. This has supported his recent efforts co-leading innovative restructuring of keratoconus management at Moorfields Eye Hospital, including establishing a dedicated optometrist-delivered Early Keratoconus Clinic and the UK’s first nurse-led cross-linking service. His session will highlight new pathways in keratoconus management.

seminar main Margaret-WoodhouseDr Margaret Woodhouse, Senior Lecturer, School of Optometry & Vision Sciences Cardiff University

Maggie is a qualified optometrist, who for the last 20 years, has specialised in clinical work and in research, in eye care for children and adults with disabilities. Maggie runs the only primary care clinic dedicated to children and adults with special needs in England and Wales. Her main research interest is visual development in children with Down’s syndrome. Many practictioners find child patients more daunting than adults: Dr Woodhouse will de-mystify the process of examining children's eyes to help practitioners with greater confidence and success. 

seminar main Ian-BanksDr. Ian Banks (BSc BAO BCh MB MSc PhD), A&E  doctor and general practitioner

Dr. Ian Banks is the official spokesman on men’s health issues for the BMA, president of the European Mens Health Forum and former president the England & Wales Men’s Health Forum, past vice president of the International Society of Mens Health, past deputy editor of the Mens Health Journal and for six years the medical editor for The Men’s Health Magazine. Dr Ian Banks represents all doctors for the British Medical Association as a member of Council for the UK. At 100% Optical he will engage eye care practitioners and ask them to re-evaluate how half their patients regard the world of eye sight and health appointments.

seminar main joshua silverProfessor Joshua Silver Atomic physicist and Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford 

Joshua Silver became interested in the emerging area of adaptive optics in the mid-1980s. After considering the way our eye-brain adaptive optical system works, he suggested that self-refraction with suitable adaptive lens eyeglasses could be a useful procedure for correcting refractive error, after trying such a procedure on himself. He created several prototypes of self-adjustable eyeglasses - including the Adspecs, the world's first fluid-filled universal eyeglasses. He then carried out collaborative clinical research, initially with adult subjects supported by the UK's  ODA/DFID , and later with myopic teenage subjects supported by the World Bank and the PCD , and this research has shown that self-refraction with his Adspecs is a useful and effective procedure. There are several billion people in the developing world who need but do not yet have corrective eyewear, and self-refraction with adaptive eyeglasses offers a way - and indeed maybe the only way - to deal with this problem during their lifetime. Silver now leads the Centre for Vision in the Developing World in Oxford.
This session does not need to be pre-booked.



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