100% Optical is crammed full of exciting things see and do including watching 3D frames printed on demand right before your eyes in the 3D Frame Factory!

The 3D Frame Factory will allow visitors to see first-hand how 3D printers work and how frames are printed. The hub will showcase the latest 3D Printing technology and software including CREAT3D’s CubeX and Ultimaker2 3D Printers. There will be live demonstrations of printing frames and visitors will even have the opportunity to customise their own frames.

hub 3d Ultimaker2

(CREAT3D Ultimaker2,

You will also be able to see the latest 3D printed designs including the first ever 3D Printed Titanium frames by Belgium designer and optician, Patrick Hoet as well as the 3D printed IQ Series from Monoqool. New to the market 3D handheld scanners which scan your face and designs 3D frames that fit perfectly will also be displayed.

hubs 3d monoqool

(Monoqool 3D printed IQ Series)

Visitors will also get the chance to try out the 3Doodler, the world's first 3D printing pen, allowing limitless design possibilities and presenting a new future for the accessibility and approach to 3D printing development.

features itv-goggles

As well as live 3D frame printing, visitors will also be able to watch the process through iTVGoggles. iTVGoggles ( are the next generation of video goggles - Head Mounted Displays - which provide an incredible immersive experience anytime anywhere.

A debate will also take place on the main stage to discuss the impact of 3D printing, with panelists including the UK’s first optician to adopt 3D printing and 3Dprint manufacturers. THE BIG DEBATE - 3D printing revolution comes to the high street, 15:00-16:00, Sunday 16th February, Main Stage