Our official blogging partner MyGlassesAndMe (MGAM) has posted a round-up of 100% Optical with a photo gallery on her blog.

MGAM is an eyewear blog which aims to bridge the gap between fashion and eyewear. Blogger Siu-Yin Shing has a backround in fashion and a passion for eyewear and aims to bridge the divide one blog post at the time. MGAM covered the show in her blog and managed the MGAM bloggers lounge. In the lead up to 100% Optical MGAM also covered the latest eyewear collections to be seen at 100% Optical. 

"If you have been following me for the past few days then you know I was a busy bee covering the first ever London Optical show, 100% Optical. So how did it go? It went really well. The team behind 100% Optical are unbelievably talented and when I spoke to numerous exhibitors from Europe they all said the show is comparable to Silmo and Mido which are some of the biggest optical shows in the world that have been around for a long time..." Read more

Read MGAM's coverage of the show here