The 100% Eyewear Design Competition, organised in collaboration with the world renowned Royal College of Art, showcased young british talent to an international audience at 100% Optical 2014. The winning prototypes were manufactured in the UK by algha, and displayed at the event. The judging panel and two of the winning students, Federica Tedeschi and Parsha Gerayesh-Nejad, discussed the competition, and the future of eyewear design on the Main Stage at the show. Read more about the competition and judging panel here.

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A judging panel including Cutler and Gross Marie Wilkinson, Optician to the Queen Roger Pope and Finest Seven founder Jesse Stevens selected 8 winners from over 60 entries across two categories: couture high-end luxury and ready to wear. Take a look at the winning entries below.

Ready to Wear

RCA prototypes anna-alexander

Anna Alexander, Womenswear 1

Anna Alexander makes luxury accessories out of excess, scrap and non-traditional materials, thus raising questions of sustainability, desirability and the definition of contemporary luxury. In this project she exploes the functional and decorative design aspects of domestic objects such as the exposed audio cables of a radio, or the ornate construction of a wicker chair.

RCA prototypes Parsha-Gieryash

Parsha Gerayesh-Nejad, Design products
Perpetual Frame

Traditionally frames are composed of multiple components. Parsha's design and construction for the 'perpetual' frames was an investigation in construction methods to see if it was possible to construct a frame and temples from one continuous piece whilst maintaining the fundamental characteristics of a pair of glasses. 

RCA prototypes Olivia-Hanson

Olivia Hanson, Womenswear 2

Olivia Hanson's postcard sunglasses are cut from old postcards of the past. Two variations of the Sunglasses are possible – either laminated inside polished acetate or they continue to exist as they are in their recycled form with a protective sheet of acetate across the eyes. The disposable form of the glasses will have a fun, fleeting life similar to the moments of a holiday. The sunglasses in either form will have a connecting relationship to their protective casing. The glasses were designed to compliment a post card bag range.

RCA prototypes Ji-Lim

Ji Lim, Menswear 2

Ji Lim has explored the idea of designing product within a social network service, reflecting a digital society of digital identity. Each product is created and distributed with the owners identity including Name, social network ID, Occupation, age etc. 


RCA prototypes Melanie-Lewiston

Melanie Lewiston, Womenswear 1
L’Inconnue de la Seine

The design of Melanie's 'L’Inconnue de la Seine' is inspired by her son's first pair of spectacles, which she has kept for thirty years as a memento, in a sense a memento mori of time past. The death mask is possibly the ultimate memento mori, of these L’Inconnue de la Seine is the most enduring. After completing her MA in Millinery at the RCA, Melanie aims is to establish a business designing hats and selective accessories.

RCA prototypes Sofie-Van-Aelbroeck

Sofie van Aelbroeck, Textiles 2
Little man Big man

'Little man Big man' is inspired by collages. Using old family album pictures and looking into the idea folding spectacles, a comic little man is created by transforming the eye wear. 

RCA prototypes federica-tedeschi

Federica Tedeschi, Textiles 2

‘Matter’ is based around the idea of how the use of materials can change our perception of an object. By combining traditional eyewear components such as acetate and resin with ceramic embroidered frames the result is a tactile and visual play on the senses.

RCA prototypes Shivani-Chavda

Shivani Chavda, Textiles 1
The Twist of Fate

Having studied Fine art and Fashion, Shivani Chavda has always been fascinated at ways in which to bring the two together. By working her art onto the body, she creates thought provoking designs that will re-kindle curiosity and wonder in the eyes of the viewer. In the future she hopes to be able to continue creating collections of new curiosities within her own fashion label.