At 100% Optical 2014, the seminars amassed a staggering 100+ CET points, and attracted star speakers from as far afield as Australia, South Africa, Holland and Israel.

100% Optical had support from key industry people with huge credibility and respect, unparalleled support from the Association of Optometrists and our media partner Optometry Today, as well as Moorfield’s Eye Hospital, LOCSU, the BCLA, The College of Optometry, the Royal College of Art, University College London and Optometry Giving Sight.

seminars 6

This gave the show the edge on a very respectable and comprehensive clinical seminar programme. 100% Optical staged some great debates, from the future of eyewear design, to the impact of 3D printing on optics, the role of the optician on the high street, and the role of British frame manufacturing. Speakers that are also leaders in their respected fields, including Roger Pope (optician to The Queen), Jason Kirk (Kirk & Kirk) and Marie Wilkinson (Cutler & Gross) were able to provide a long awaited voice and platform to fly the flag for UK optics.

seminars romesh-angunawela

"I thought it was great. Unlike most eye events, it was actually cool! I particularly liked the layout, which was logical, interactive, engaging and eye catching." Romesh Angunawela, Moorfields Eye Hospital Specialist

"For me, it's the lectures that make it" Krupali Lakhani, locum optometrist from Edgware

seminars 1

One of the daily Big Debates, the first UK optician to adopt in-store 3D printing James Taylor-Short, Michael Castellana of pq eyewear and director of Oddpoint Odd Nydren discuss the future of 3D printing for eyewear.

seminars 2

Peter Ivins & Craig McArthur talk on the subject of clinical Darwinism in glaucoma care on the Equipment Hub.

seminars 3

Anita Simmers discusses innovative new methods of managing amblyopia on the Main Stage.

seminars 4

A panel of eyewear designers, opticians and Fashion Tutors including Roger Pope (above), Jason Kirk and Jesse Stevens discuss the entries of RCA students in the 100% Optical Eyewear Design Competition.

seminars 5

David Bennett on the Lenses Hub - Now you see it now you don’t: current trends in presbyopic GP contact lenses.

seminars 8

Caroline Christie talks delegates through designing a dry eye workup on the Equipment Hub.

seminars 9

Wayne Hemingway takes visitors on a visual journey through the 20th century’s history of spectacles, and the development of the Red or Dead Eyewear brand.

seminars business-services

Garry Kousoulou of Good Looking Optics and Loving Social Media leads the first ever CET accredited social media seminar.

seminars marie-wilkinson-2

Marie Wilkinson describes 43 steps to handmade frames on the Fashion Hub.

seminars lens-hub

The workshops on the Lens Hub proved incredibly popular.