Unique industry census opportunity


100% Optical is calling for companies in the optical industry to play a part in its census. An industry wide census began at the beginning of May discovering more about working practices, its development and the staff, including Opticians and Optometrists that work within them.

100% Optical would like to invite companies to contribute to a more focused industry study taking place at the end of May. Marketing Manager Saul Leese said: "The census is going well. We've covered around 2,000 businesses so far but for the second phase we're keen to engage with manufacturers and eyewear design companies as to the sort of information they want from a census." Anyone interested playing a part in the survey and gaining unique access to the largest audit of the UK industry to date click here to email marketing.

The independent Optical Census, which will be conducted by telephone to Opticians and Optometrists, will enable 100% Optical to reach every active trade professional. The study will also offer a rare glimpse of current market conditions, views and trends as well as support the development of key content for the trade exhibition.

To read more about the Optical Census click here