100% Essential Advice


Media 10 events are trademarked by significant targeted editorial content, and 100% Optical will have a host of features to ensure it is the most interactive, informative an innovative exhibition the optical market has seen in the UK.

Plans for our Ask an Expert Centre are progressing, and visiting delegates will be able to book free 30 minute consultations on a raft of areas that can help them in their day to day running of their business.


Areas covered will include the latest medical advances in pharmaceuticals and machinery, to consultations on accountancy, customer service, social media strategy and shop design to name a few. Our panel of experts will be unveiled in the coming weeks and bookings for 100% Optical delegates will open in October.

Delegates will be encouraged to provide information about the advice they are seeking in advance so our experts can be prepared for their consultation, and make sure it is one of the best spent 30 minutes of their professional career.