100% optical 2018 took place on the very last weekend in January, from 27th – 29th January 2018. This year, the show turned 5 years old. It is amazing to think I have worked for this show when it first started and I was their official blogger for 2014 and 2015. I have very fond memories of this show and of the team behind the show. 5 years later, after taking some time out for baby number 1, worked for other optical shows around Europe and now heavily pregnant with baby number 2, it has been lovely to go around the show this year to take a look and see how much it has grown over the years.

For 2018, I am not working for the show exclusively as such but I was involved in a small way. As you all know I am now part of the Eyewear Forum, which is the biggest optical B2B social media group in Europe. I write for them and for 100% Optical 2018 , I done a special shoot around London to be displayed at the show in the Eyewear Forum booth. It was a fun project to do and I was very happy with the results but I still remember how cold I was during the shoot and being 31 weeks pregnant, trekking around London. ha! You can see the entire shoot at the Eyewear Forum Facebook and Instagram page.


Eyewear Forum


Personally, I think 100% Optical is a fantastic show for eyewear and always has been its strong point. For 2018, The Eyewear Forum was there to check out the latest eyewear and to interview some eyewear brands that are exhibiting. If you have been following The Eyewear Forum Facebook and Instagram page then you would of seen some images emerged. Keep following them for more because some of the videos are now available to watch on the TEF Facebook page.


Eyewear Forum 2


Next year 100% Optical will be stepping into its 6th year so I am looking forward to seeing what things they got planned because this year they have already added a new category to the show- audiology. It is also good to see they are continuing to support new eyewear design talents by running the competition with The Royal College of Arts. They have been doing that from day one. Good to see they support new talents and that is what the UK optical industry need. Roll on 100% Optical 2019!


Eyewear Forum 3