Introduce your company

Light, durable glasses 100% handmade in Germany. Authentic, genuine, unique – manufacture and product alike: We design and produce light and durable glasses in the unique working atmosphere of a redeveloped grain distillery in Isselhorst near Gütersloh, their pure design underlining the look of the wearer without turning them into someone else. Each pair of glasses is unique because it is manufactured 100% by hand for you here in East Westphalia.

We offer four different collections, which each have a different approach. Within the collections we offer different shapes, colours and temple-variations which sums up into more than 14.000 models of MARKUS T glasses.


Talk us through your latest innovations

Patented dyeing processes for our materials

Colour is a creative element. The colour of a pair of glasses underlines the individuality of the wearer and at the same time emphasises the technology and design of the glasses frames. Our glasses are coloured in a dye process developed and patented by us: Multiple-Step-Colouring (MSC) for high quality titanium and the innovative polyamide dye process for TMi – naturally all done here in Isselhorst.

This results in glasses with a natural, matt appearance, where the colours do not lose their original quality over the course of many years Our in-house dye processes allow us to respond very flexibly – according to customer orders as well as trends.



How do you get from idea to product?

The Design-Team around Markus Temming is constantly developing new approaches. For new collections, the technique and the material comes first, then we focus on the concept for each collection.


Do you have any product launches lined up for 100% Optical 2018, what can visitors expect to see at your stand, and who do you hope to meet?

Within our 2018 collections there are several new shapes within our four product lines. We also offer new colours for both of our materials – Tmi and titanium.


What projects have you been involved in that you’re most proud of?

Historical brick walls, modern concrete floors and big glass fronts that allow every production area to be visible – they shape the image of the new company building, which originally existed as a historical brewery.

We call this place the “Gläserne Maufaktur” (Transparent Factory), planned, designed and brought to life by Markus Temming. The modular furniture systems, lamps and built-in furniture were all designed and developed inhouse, and will also feature in the MARKUS T range in the near future.

“If I can imagine that something could look better or function more simply, then it must be possible. The only question is how.”

Taking this step was quite a task – but now working here means to have the perfect surrounding for inspiration and new ideas.