Tell us about Cerium Visual Technologies

Beneficial reports of the use of colour for reading difficulties came to the attention of Professor Arnold Wilkins (University of Essex) in the early 1990’s. He invented the Intuitive Colorimeter™ and used the instrument to carry out scientific research. Cerium Visual Technologies was granted full licence to manufacture and distribute the Intuitive Colorimeter by The Medical Research Council at this time, and the company was established.

Run from a head office based in the Kent countryside, CVT places a heavy emphasis on its core values of innovation, quality, integrity and commitment. As a small team, we pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with our customers.

CVT is committed to supporting further research into colour and its benefits, and works closely with professionals and academic bodies worldwide to ensure that all who benefit from colour do so through scientifically based solutions.


Talk us through your latest innovations

CVT is delighted to announce the release of an exciting, new and fully digital instrument at 100% Optical 2018 – The Intuitive Colorimeter™ ‘Curve’.

Developed in partnership with the University of Essex, the ‘Curve’ system embodies cutting edge technology, sleek styling, and provides an innovative digital solution for Colorimetry assessment in the modern practice.

Since the launch of the first model of Intuitive Colorimeter 25 years ago, three generations of the instrument have followed a manual assessment process, allowing the parameters of hue, saturation and brightness to be explored systematically. Whilst the ‘Curve’ still follows a systematic process familiar to the vision professional, the functionality of this fully digital system unlocks additional features such as automated ordering to make for a more streamlined experience for patient and practitioner alike.

We can’t wait to unveil the system to the industry at 100% Optical.


curve launch image


What advice would you give our visitors when buying equipment for their practice?

In my eyes, it’s always about balancing need with the bottom line. Consider your strategy regarding recouping your investment, as some revenue streams may not be as immediately obvious as others.

How long will it take for this instrument to pay for itself? How can you market this piece of equipment? Does this piece of equipment add to the image of your consulting room? Will you need to fund additional staff training? Does this equipment allow you to differentiate your practice? Will this instrument encourage your referral channels to diversify and extend?

We believe the ‘Curve’ ticks all of these boxes, particularly given the new pricing of the digital system which places an emphasis on affordability. We want as many of you as possible to be able to offer Colorimetry within your clinics. Colorimetry gives you a very real opportunity to differentiate your practice, and to make a difference to the patients you treat.


What can visitors expect to see at your stand?

The Intuitive Colorimeter™ ‘Curve’ will be the star of the show. The team will be offering demos, and will happily talk you through the technology as well as encouraging you to get hands on with the system. We’re very proud of it.
We’ll be hosting happy hour on Sunday evening, so come and join us for a drink then, or if not, be sure to look out for the Colorimetry tunnel as you enter the show. See you on Stand M211!


Kimberley Harrison Managing Director of Cerium Visual Technologies

Kimberley Harrison, Managing Director