Introduce your company

2C2NV - the choice is within the eye of the beholder. We are a luxury eyewear brand born in the United Kingdom and crafted in Japan by its finest craftsmen, holding skills perfected over centuries. We believe in creating eyewear that showcases true craftsmanship and passion in each frame, fusing elegance and boldness with seamless balance we create unique luxury eyewear signifying our individual style. Established in 2017, we look forward to releasing more of our exclusive & beautiful collections over 2018 and coming years. We are to be seen. We are to be admired. We are to be envied.

How do you get from idea to product?

Inspiration for a design always originates from things I take interest in, it can be the smallest of details in something I see which then manifests into an idea for a frame. For example, the Valour frame has two gold décor pieces on each bottom corner of the frame, this is a simple yet powerful statement to the frame shape. I gained inspiration for this style from the helmets of Japanese warriors, the Kabuto, and more specifically the datemono which is the decorative crest centered on each helmet. From here I then work with my manufacturers to realise the design which is then followed by the handmade prototype.

What makes your products/services stand out from the competition?

I believe what makes 2C2NV different from other brands is the detail we pay to each and every aspect of our collections. We do not tend to simply go with what may be trending, we set out to create individuality so when seeing one of our frames, it is undeniably us. Our core revolves around quality, we are out to create new benchmarks over coming collections expanding into a variety of different precious materials. 


Who do you hope to meet at 100% Optical 2018?

At 100% optical I hope to meet people who too share a passion for something special and different, this is exactly what I am trying to create within my brand and I believe this is what consumers are searching for. I hope to meet buyers and owners who appreciate what my brand has come to deliver, and will create strong placement for 2C2NV as it continues to grow worldwide. 

What does the future hold for 2C2NV, and how do you see the industry evolving over the next decade?

This is only the early beginning for 2C2NV, the future definitely holds great things and beautiful collections. We are currently working towards expanding the collection with both sunglasses and optical models for release mid 2018, incorporating materials such as platinum & horn, for some very special and limited pieces. We also have a very special collaboration in the works with a very big US artist that we hope to finalise for collection release 2019. 

What projects have you been involved in that you’re most proud of?

One of the highlights I am proud of in this short period of time is seeing Daddy Yankee wearing 2C2NV sunglasses in his music Video ‘La Forumla’ which since September already has 150 million views on Youtube. It was a great feeling seeing such a big celebrity wearing them for the simple fact they liked them. There is certainly much more to come.