Introduce Optimum RX Lens Specialists to us.

Optimum RX Lens Specialists is an independent ophthalmic manufacturing company based in Morecambe. We supply and manufacture a wide range of lenses and coatings for the ophthalmic industry including hard coating, anti-reflection coatings, mirror coatings and lens tinting.
We also manufacture and supply prescription Rx lenses, including complex and speciality lenses. This is an area of the business we really push the boundaries in and produce very high prescriptions with a very quick turnaround. We invested heavily 2 years ago and installed a new freeform production line enabling us to manufacture freeform lenses here in the UK as well as speciality lenses like 1.74 blended lenticulars and Invisible bifocals to name but a few.

Our onsite coating laboratory uses state of the art cleaning and lacquering technology together with the most advanced processes and equipment to ensure a consistent high quality anti reflection coating every time.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality product with excellent customer and aftercare service whilst keeping our prices very competitive.

Take us through some your latest innovations?

As an independent company, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the major mainstream suppliers and introducing new products as the market demands.

We now have six types of coatings starting with our optiHARD scratch resistant coating designed to give superior scratch resistance over an uncoated lens. optiMAR is a multi-layer anti-reflective coating with a hydrophobic top coat applied over optiHARD to give excellent visual performance. We introduced and enhanced version of this coating called optiMAR UV to help reflect back surface UV. optiCLEAR was introduced as a premium anti-reflective coating which combines the benefits of optiMAR with the addition of an ultra-smooth oleophobic properties. Electro static charges are eliminated by a conductive layer within the MAR coating, this helps minimise the attraction of dust particles and this advanced combination of coating layers gives a higher scratch resistance and rivals some of the best coatings in the market.

We also introduced optiFLASH a semi-transparent mirror coating which is currently available in five colours, Red, Green, Blue, Silver and Gold. These coatings are great for sports or just an everyday fashionable look. They give UV protection as well as an oleophobic, hydrophobic topcoat to repel, dirt, dust, water and grease.

What would you consider a “must-have” Optimum RX product?

At 100% Optical we launched our new “Lenses for your lifestyle” brochure which are all freeform lenses made in the UK. This range of lenses covers a variety of lifestyle activities such as reading, and computer-use. There are lenses to help while using mobile devices, driving lenses as well as sporting activities. Our technologies include “Digital Ray-Path” and is one of the most advanced technologies to make digital lenses.

So, if you’re looking for a lens that will perform against some of the market leaders our product range of optiFORM lenses is a must-have. These lenses are available in high prescriptions and have high reading additions and are available in all material indices from 1.5 index to 1.74. This gives great visual performance enhanced with the best cosmetic look and they are also available in various photochromic options as well as polarised options.


Optimum 1.74 Lens 1250px


Are there any interesting product launches for us to look forward to this year?

2018 is a very exciting year for Optimum we have just Launched our thinnest ever polarised lens. Now available in a 1.74 material index and coming in two colours, Grey and Brown. We introduced this product as we saw a gap with a lot of unfulfilled orders because of too-high prescriptions. We are pleased to now offer an alternative solution of a polarised lens up to +12.00 and -15.00 dioptres.

We are also launching three new coatings in Q2 this year. One is an anti-reflection coating aimed at reducing glare for night drivers, this will compliment any lens used for night driving but especially our own optiDRIVE progressive lens. We will be introducing two new colours in our mirror coatings -the new Ice Blue coating and our Rose Gold coating. These look great and can be applied to any of our lens designs and this will now take our mirror collection to seven available colours.

What advice would you give to our visitors when looking for lens specialists?

If you are serious about looking for a lens specialist look at the independent laboratory. We tend to be far more flexible and can offer an array of alternatives to your mainstream suppliers. We will also spend time looking into the best options available for your patients without any brand bias.

An independent laboratory can source products from all over the globe and are not tied to a portfolio. We push the boundaries when it comes to prescription ranges at Optimum and we like to say, “Whatever the prescription there’s always a clear solution”. As an independent laboratory, we work by our own goals and our values.


Optimum Lenses for your lifestyle 1250px


Finally, how has 100% Optical impacted your business?

This was our second year exhibiting at the show and I must say the event is getting stronger and stronger each year. It has been successful on both occasions and gives us the opportunity to showcase just what an independent laboratory can offer. We displayed all new product launches for 2018. It is great to be in one venue and be able to see not only new and existing customers but also be able to see suppliers as well. 100% has definitely been the right choice for Optimum as a platform to promote its products and services to the UK and European markets and we look forward to exhibiting again in the near future.