At 100% Optical we like to provide a platform for independent designers from across the world to introduce their new styles, colours and designs of eyewear into the UK optical market.

Independent opticians looking for that wow factor and a unique selling point see the show as a catalyst for new sales for their practice, often inspired from what they have seen and bought from the show.

Today we speak to Italian eyewear designer Lara D and learn about her background and how this has influenced her very independent and creative designs.

Please introduce yourself.

I was born in Belluno; a land that based its future, both economic and social, around the eyewear industry and my own family has been deeply involved in it. When I was a little girl, my father used to take me to explore the wonderful world of eye-wear, made of colours, materials and stylistic revolutions. He taught me how to create a fashionable product step by step, from project and development to marketing. It was only natural for me to be passionate about design and that it became the way I express my artistic talent. Later on, this passion of mine reflected into my studies and my work; first I graduated in architecture and then I specialized more and more in the field of eyewear, until I established my very own brand

What’s the story behind your latest collection?

Lara D' is my name since my collections are the expression of who I am, what I learnt from my travels and my inspirations, but always keeping an eye out to the future and experimentation. Lara D' is vitality and desire to amaze that are part of my personality, which I put into every one of my collections by using three elements: colour, shape and lightness. Lara D' is awareness that design brings together art and convenience, especially when it comes to eyewear.

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What’s your best way to get creative unstuck?

Every prototype is the result of a journey that begins in my mind, judgement-free and always ready to express my emotions. On paper, what I feel is conveyed through the use of unusual colours matched in surprising combinations; whereas shapes become the voice I use to describe my own projection of the future.

Which frames in your collection are your favourite and why?

My favourite line in my collection is the Ceselled Acetate line as in it I transform plastic material in refined metal, the detailed hand-crafted features are aimed to astonish. I drew these models thinking about the perseverance of the craftsman work, which gives value to the object through experience and artistic skills. It is a new eyewear project, where the acetate is chiselled leaving bright spots around it, highlighting the colour and digging into the material. Every piece is worked by master-chisellers from Vicenza using a very peculiar technique.

CESARE C0400 58 15 145 467x201 copy   DIONE C0007 51 20 145 467x201 copy copy

What key trends in optical collections for 2018 are you noticing or particularly liking?

There will be a stylish return of the 90s. This make me very happy as it is my opportunity to jump in my past when I was just a teenager.

Who is your favourite eyewear designer that's not you?

I have no favourite designer, I think that we all do our best and we all have our different style and way to work.

What career advice would you give your 18 year-old self?

I would be an interior designer.

Which country are you having particular success in? Why do you think that is?

I have big success in Spain and in Belgium; I think the reason is they are both countries where people like colours and good Italian design and passion.

What are your thoughts on the 100% Optical show and why is it important for your business?

I feel my product could have a good success in England as my style is different but refined and the result is the creation of a unique, fashionable product made in Italy, full of creativity and able to enhance who is wearing it in order to stand out from the crowd.

Discover more about Lara D eyewear:


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