Mike Riley the Business Development Director of Luneau Technology UK and Ireland (Visonix) provides detailed explanations of the companies eye examination equipment and also gives a fascinating insight into his busy daily schedule and what marketing is required when launching a company in our latest 'Exhibitor Spotlight'. 

Exhibiting at 100% Optical for the first time in our largest Equipment hub to date you can test out and purchase their equipment on stand M156 and book your appointment in advance here.


1. Where is Luneau Technology UK and Ireland (Visonix) based and how long have you been trading?

a. We are based in the North of England and we have only been trading a short time as a direct Subsidiary – Prior to moving to a direct to customer operations the brand was managed by Grafton Optical in the UK and Ireland
b. We are part of Luneau Technology Operations who are based in France ad Israel who own the brands Visionix, Weco and Briot


2. What do you sell?

a. We sell a full range of quality manufactured eye examination equipment covering;


  1. Our unique Eye Refract system – This a semi-automated system that will accurately refract patients in less than 10 minutes using unique wavefront driven technology, utilising 2 aberrometers and measuring results binocularly. The system includes a wavefront driven Lens Analyser and high-end polarised chart
  2. We also have a full range of standard Refraction equipment – Inc digital phoropters, slit lamps, refraction units, polarised charts


  1. Our unique VX120 family of products are wavefront driven, fully automated systems measuring a suite of diagnostic test for the eye – this includes full anterior chamber analysis, pachymetry, aberrometery, ARK, cataract analysis and pre and post Op scanning – There is a product for all needs and budgets within the family
  2. We have a range of Topgraphers/Tonometers to suit all needs and budget.
  3. We also have a fantastic fundus camera with white light and IR capabilities at a competitive price.
  4. We have 1 digital lensmeter and 1 fully automated lens analyser that has to been seen to be believed how accurate and useful it is.
  5. Plus a full range of basic accessories from trial lens and frame sets to hand held charts.




3. What type of practices do you do business with?

a. We are looking to engage with all Optometry and Ophthalmology practice both large and small
b. Our unique focus on wavefront technology, using Shack-Hartmann sensors, Placido disk and a Scheimpflug camera, give us an edge that other companies do not have and as the need to give more time for extra clinical tests increases, products such as the Eye Refract really come into their own.


4. What is the Visionix USP

a. Our goal has always been to provide you with the latest technologies to allow more efficient screening for visual disorders, and provide a better quality of life with technologically enhanced equipment and instruments.
b. Our Mission is to help eye care professionals to succeed in all their diagnostic tests to detect as many pathologies as possible with high end affordable equipment for all needs and budgets.


5. How are you promoting / marketing Visionix at present?

a. As its very early days in our launch within the UK as a direct company, we are busy setting up social media platforms, plus I am using all my contacts gained over the years to announce the new company and working with a 3rd party telemarketing company to pro actively contact key customers within the market.


6. What is your own background?

a. I have now been working within the Optical industry for 23 years and have worked within some fantastic organisations and met some great people who have become friends for life. This market is unique I feel, its very “people” orientated and you generally end up having partnerships, not customers, and that is key to success. I am a great believer in the saying “people buy from people!”


7. What characteristics do you need to be successful in your job?

a. Good communication at all levels, patience, understanding, tenacity, enthusiasm and probably the most important of all – A good sense of humour!!
b. It also helps to have support from your family and a very understanding wife!! ????


8. Describe a typical working day in your life

a. At the moment, pretty hectic. When you are setting up a virtually new company you have to try and think of cost effective, relatively quick ways of communicating to as many people as you can over a short space of time but ensuring that they remember you. I am doing a lot of networking at the moment prior to the onslaught of exhibition season starting in January.


9. What challenges do you see facing the optical industry in the coming years?

a. People are living longer, eye hospitals are getting fuller and eventually they will not be able to cope with the amount of referrals coming in from the high street. The Opticians have to be ready for that and hone their skills and equipment to ensure that they are ready and have a good offering to survive what’s coming – My personal feeling is that retail will become secondary to clinical and of course you need to make money to survive, however there are many ways to skin a cat!! Optometrists don’t spend 5 years at Uni to sell specs!!


10. What advice would you give our visitors when buying equipment for their practice?

a. Shop around – We are one example of a “new” (Global) company who can offer great quality at good prices, coupled with innovative technology.
b. As we are not a corporate company with those type of restrictions, we have the flexibility to work with any customer to create their own vision of eyecare at the right price with the right support.


11. You have seen the last five shows since the very first show in 2014. Can you describe any changes you have seen in the show since year one?

a. The show has grown both in exhibitors and visitors massively over the last few years. Its gone from being a fashion driven show to competing in all areas as a one stop shop for all requirements, plus it’s a little more relaxed than some others.


12. What are people in the industry saying about 100% Optical?

a. I think the fact that it seems to be growing says it all – I just hope that more people from further afield in the UK and Ireland see the benefit of coming to London for an exhibition


13. What can buyers expect to see from Visionix at 100% Optical 2019?

a. All of the above really – as its our first show we don’t have the luxury of having a 100sqm stand, however we will be bringing all of the key, unique products that make us who we are and showcasing them on the stand
b. We are also running a lecture on the Sunday at 10.15 in the Optometry Academy where a well-respected lecturer from Madrid will be talking about the future of refraction and particularly where our Eye Refract system can change the patient pathway to give that extra time for optoms to carry out extra clinical tests.

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