Date & Time

Monday, 14 Jan

11:30 - 12:30


Main Stage


The publication of the latest DEWS II report marked a major advance for professionals involved in caring for patients with dry eye disease. The clear guidance on diagnosis and assessment that the report contains is most welcome. However, digesting this complex document and translating it into clinical practice can be challenging. This lecture will provide a clinically orientated insight into how to implement the recommendations of the DEWS II report into daily practice. It with include a focus on modern diagnostic devices that will allow you to develop effective DED assessment, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. The use of the systematic DEWS II approach in evaluating the type, severity and extent of DED will be illustrated using sample cases.

Learning objectives

Listen to patients and ensure they are included in the management of their dry eye

Be able to interpret and investigate patients presenting with dry eye

Understand the treatment options for patients presenting with dry eye

Be able to assess patients presenting with dry eye


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