Could you tell us about Retail Design Experience?

We are a leading UK agency in the design and implementation of health and wellbeing retail environments. Creating and managing store environment design is what we do best. We combine creativity and practically to produce original and engaging designs that deliver great results.

How has 100% Optical changed from your perspective as an exhibitor?

Having been involved in the show from the start I have seen it grow from strength to strength the exhibitors are all extremely well respected in there various specialisms and we have forged a number of strong partnerships. 

You clearly have an impress portfolio through working with independent opticians. Which project are you particularly proud of and why?

We are currently working on some amazing optical projects that we will be showcasing at 100 % optical but the stand out project to date and probably our most recognised is Eyeworks Opticians. This store is a really good progression on how an optician store can embody the characteristics of a main stream retail store. The brief was to deliver a space that would attract a younger more fashion conscious audience whilst at the same time ensuring the environment was comfortable for the existing loyal client base.


Dean, You have been a part of the 100% Optical since launching in 2014. What first attracted you to the show?

For me 100% optical is the perfect platform for Retail Experience Design to showcase our work to a very receptive and forward thinking audience, the fact that the show places a great deal of emphasis on the fashion aspect of optics aligns perfectly to our business.

What are the key influences behind your creative ideas and designs?

As a retail design agency our team of designers have worked on a diverse range of projects in various sectors, providing us with a sound knowledge on all current and predicted retail trends ensuring that our designs are not only practical but are designed to give all of our clients an individual identity for their business.

What challenges do you anticipate high street opticians to be facing in the future?

Businesses need to evolve in order to positively respond to the way in which consumers buy in this digitally savvy marketplace. In store technology is an aspect that needs to be considered to support the customer experience and improve sales. Something we have been recently working on with a number of our clients is the inclusion of information technology points, this allows customers to browse a wider selection of products so they feel confident that they have everything at the fingertips to make a purchasing decision in store.


What can our visitors expect from Retail Design Experience at 100% Optical 2017?

We pride ourselves in the fact that every project we deliver is completely unique a designed to achieve the best results both practically and visually. We had an amazing show last year and the feedback from visitors was fantastic, as a result we secured a number of new projects that we are currently working on so we are really excited to be showcasing these at 100% optical 2017 and look forward to seeing everyone again then!

For more information on Retail Experience Design, please contact Dean Waugh, Creative Director at or call 02476 010 103.