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09:30 - 10:30 - Red flags spell danger - 1 interactive CET point for optometrists and DOs

This session will present case examples from the AOP on intracranial tumours and how to spot the red flag signs and symptoms. The lecture will also discuss the considerations around ongoing support for patients and the implication this has on the cost of these cases from a civil perspective.
Dr Peter Hampson, Clincical Director at AOP
Efa Schmidt, Solicitor (Head of Clinical Negligence) at AOP


10:45 - 11:45 - gOC The periphery - 1 interactive CET point for optometrists and DOs 

Primary care optometry now plays a more central role in the diagnosis of eye conditions and in particular retinal conditions. Many of these conditions could prove sight threatening and indeed, in some cases, life threatening. It has never been more important to be able to view the largest amount of the retina possible, both in terms of structure and function, using remote capture and review techniques, to maintain patient and practitioner safety. This lecture will show how use of ultra-widefield imaging greatly enhances the ability to detect and analyse changes in the peripheral retina using conventional structural imaging, as well as functional retinal analysis using autofluorescent imaging. It will also explore the latest use of this imaging technique when combined integrated OCT.
Simon Browning, Lecturer, Browning Consulting Limited


12:00 - 13:00 - Barriers to myopia – an update - 1 interactive CET point for optometrists, DOs and CLOs  

By now, we’ve all heard the statistic: by the year 2050, almost half the world’s population will be myopic. Yet perhaps a figure of greater relevance to ECPs in the UK and Ireland is that the population of Western Europe is expected to reach this unfortunate milestone a decade earlier. Despite apparent practitioner interest in myopia management, this has not always been reflected in the uptake. This lecture considers the barriers that have now been overcome and identifies those which still remain.
Dr Manbir Nagra, Lecturer.


13:30 - 14:30 A new approach to subjective refraction - 1 interactive CET point for optometrists and DOs 

For many years, subjective refraction techniques have not really changed. With the introduction of automated algorithms to produce continuous power changes, a different method of refraction is possible. In this presentation, the principles of this new approach will be described including automated fogging / defogging techniques for controlling accommodation, undertaking precise sphere adjustment and outlining a vectorial technique for cylinder determination. The session will also discuss how this new approach can match the true 'dioptric sensitivity' of patients.
Dominique Meslin, Director, Essilor International


14:45 - 15:45 - Looking beyond the tears - 1 interactive CET point for optometrists, DOs and CLOs  

This lecture will review the composition of the tear film and discuss its integral role in the overall health of the ocular surface. It will look at the effect of soft contact lens interaction with the tear film and ocular surface and will discuss various in-practice quantifiable methods of assessment that can help towards retaining patients safely and comfortably in their contact lenses.
Serena Dunwoody, Senior Professional Affairs Associate, Bausch + Lomb


16:00 - 17:00 - In the frame – materials, dispensing and sustainability - 1 interactive CET point (applied for)  

This session considers spectacle frame dispensing, problems caused by poor frame selection and current frame materials, including the latest sustainable environmentally friendly options.
Peter Black, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader at University of Central Lancashire


17:15 - 18:15 - Dry eye in the digital age - 1 interactive CET point for optometrists, DOs and CLOs 

The digital age of mobile phones, office, and more recently, the ‘home office’, is driving dry eye conditions. This webinar will show how we can turn the cause (digital tech) into effective diagnostics, communication platforms and consider innovative approaches to diagnosis and treatment plans.
Nick Dash, Optometric Director at Matrix Eye Clinic 


Monday 24th May 2021


10:00 - 11:00 - A Look at Lifetime Value
Why most practices are failing to sell products and services that their patients would be delighted to buy if only they asked them!
Right now, there are two types of practice emerging from the stress of practicing quality optometry in a lockdown, those who are longing for a return to the good old days of 2019 and those who are determined that they will never return to such an unproductive way of working.
The enlightened have realised that:

- Relying on recall to fill your appointment book requires that you work far harder than you need to because attracts lots of NHS tests that don’t dispense
- Nearly every patient would purchase additional pairs of specs between eye exams if only the practices did things a little differently.
- A significant proportion of their patients will happily pay extra to take the best care of their eyes if they explain it properly and these patients are also very willing join your planned eyecare scheme without being bribed to do so with discounted eyewear. 

During this session Andy will be explaining what these enlightened practice owners are actually doing with a combination of proven systems that increase the lifetime value of each patient, and in consequence creating an easier and more profitable way of working.
Andy Clark, Owner of Practice Building 



10:45 - 11:15 Increasing practice revenue with effective retail design

Increasing practice revenue with effective retail design. “A strong retail design strategy is a fundamental component for opticians looking to stand firm and ultimately win the battle for customer loyalty and sales”.

Optical retail landscape. The pace of change and transformation across the optical retail industry continues to intensify - new and forward-thinking brands and retailers push on with disrupting the mainstream; technology innovation drives change and an already overcrowded market battles with highly competitive pricing strategies in a bid to win and retain custom. It goes without saying Covid-19 has been a huge blow to the industry. And, on top of all that, the pandemic has of course been a catalyst for change across the whole sphere of physical retail. But it’s not all doom and gloom – with opticians staying open in subsequent lockdowns, many local and high street opticians took advantage of a local resurgence. And although some city centres and shopping centres remain quieter than before, with retail finally returning, the optical retail landscape stands firm, with the industry predicted to record volume growth again in 2021.

Physical retail isn't about to perish. In mainstream retail, we have seen iconic store closures, brands diminish and retailers scaling down, but physical retail hasn’t been swallowed up and lost forever. The high street is undeniably fragile and looks very different right now, but physical isn’t about to perish. Conversely, amid the turbulence of the past year, there have been exceptional examples of innovation.

Independent opticians and multiples most at risk as they struggle to complete. For too long optical retail has lagged, and despite new and forward-thinking optical brands and retailers disrupting the industry; the acceleration of change in mainstream retail has the potential to leave optical retailers trailing behind. As the future of retail evolves, optical independents and multiple practices must adapt. But to do so, opticians should then be asking themselves if their physical environment and space reflect their brand and core values, as well as provide an authentic customer experience tailored to their audience.

Authentic customer experience. The customer experience in the optical industry has long since been just about providing expert clinical eye care to patients. The ability to effectively sell products and services by employing an omnichannel approach has become crucial for opticians not only to thrive… but survive! Yet, despite our increasingly digital world, optical retail remains unique in that the clinical aspect of the customer experience cannot be replaced. Nonetheless harnessing in-store technology has the potential to bring about real change in optical retail environments. Additionally, patients have come to expect a unique and tailored customer experience – the same standard of experience habituated from mainstream retail. By establishing an authentic customer experience, only then will opticians have the foundation to create an honest and genuine relationship with patients and customers that differentiates them from competitors.

How can effective retail design increase revenue? To make optical environments work and increase practice revenue, many design fundamentals need to be in place. Whilst the customer experience covers each step through the store, every touchpoint, and interaction is made up of many different elements. Dean Waugh, Founder, and Creative Director, Retail Experience Design explains... “I often see new optical fit-outs, that, on the surface look aesthetically pleasing. But it’s clear that they’re lacking in strategic retail design. It’s crucial optical retailers have a clear understanding of the retail market. They need to understand what customers are looking for in terms of product, service, environment, and experience, as well as how best to leverage digital within their physical environment. Every optical retailer is different; but they all have one goal – to win customers, increase sales and gain customer loyalty. But it all starts with a good retail store design strategy”. At 100% optical online, Dean Waugh will cover key retail design techniques that will help opticians adapt and embrace the new future of retail.

Dean Waugh
Owner and Creative Director
Retail Experience Design

11:300 - 12:00 Opticommerce


13:00 - 13:30 - The Free Marketing Secrets Video Agencies Don't Want You To Know

Video is everywhere. There's a good reason too as 80% of people would rather watch a video than reading text. 91% of marketers feel video is even more important in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone else seems to have their Digital Marketing nailed but you feel like yours is not delivering and you don’t know where to start. You want a video to drive engagement, your digital marketing to show your practice at its best and for your social media to really ‘POP’! If you’re looking to get results then I have a bucket load of solutions for you. In this session I will reveal tips and tricks to help you give your marketing a boost and get off the ground with video content and the best part - it’s not going to cost a fortune, I will show you how to get great results for FREE! Anyone can make a video but, if it doesn't deliver what you need it to then is it worth the time and effort that goes into it? I will demystify video production for you so you can take your marketing to the next level. We have been creating content for the optical industry for over a decade producing hundreds of films. We know what works which is why our clients come back to us time and time again.
You will leave the session with:

  • An understanding of what makes great content
  • The ‘know-how to create your own video
  • Tips on how to elevate your Google presence
  • Free tools to increase your marketing knowledge

Still not sure? Research shows 79% of consumers say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video and 85% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2021. Finally, with 92% of people looking for reviews or testimonials before committing to a purchase then video testimonials have huge potential to help grow your client base. I will show you how to create these quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
Finally, we’ll keep the last few minutes for Q&A so if you have a burning question you’d like answered then we’ll do our best to answer that for you.
Mark Robinson, Video & Digital Marketing Professional, Bellyflop


13:45 - 14:15 Ocuco

Acuitas, Practice Management System, has been developed on a foundation of engineering excellence and with a determination to bring innovation to support patients, staff, optometrists, and practice owners. During this session, Fergus will give an overview of Acuitas’ key features, helping our customers navigate the COVID Pandemic to illustrate how Acuitas can ensure an eyecare business thrives into the future. 
Fergus Murphy

Head of Acuitas Sales EMEA


 14:00 - 15:00 Celebrating the Managers

There are Managers with a Big M - Professionals who are responsible for controlling or administering an organisation or group of staff… and there are managers with a small m - People who cope, survive or get by through adversity. A Big M Manager will make a struggling practice perform, make a demotivated team raise their game, and take the pressure off a tired, overloaded boss. Every Practice Should Have One! And yet most of the people who are expected to manage an Independent Practice, the people who are relied upon every day to make sure that everything works, have received next to no training, guidance or support to help them do the job! In this session Andy will be exploring the qualities of the best Managers in optics and demonstrating that nearly every practice Manager would be able and willing to be far more effective if they had the tools and support that they actually need. This session is for practice owners and their managers who want to make 2021 the year that they became an even better team and in so doing created a happier, more effective team and a more profitable practice.      
Andy Clark, Owner of Practice Building