Tell us about Optos…

Optos was founded by Douglas Anderson after his five-year old son suffered a detached retina and lost sight in one eye. Douglas decided to develop a better device for detecting early stage eye problems and following many years of development, the team finally succeeded in designing the world's first ultra-widefield (UWF) retinal imaging system – the optomap®.

While one of the most common applications for UWF may be in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic retinopathy, optomap is also being used to detect early signs of retinal tears and detachments, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, uveitis and non-eye diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and certain cancers.

Could you tell us about your latest product developments?

Optos is ‘building The retina company’ under an ethos that continuously seeks to enable our customers to ‘see more’ to ‘treat more’. Daytona represents the newest generation of UWF technology and has been converted to a desktop model while still providing high resolution UWF optomaps. Recent innovations include; extensions to imaging modalities, enhanced colour and auto-fluorescence; ProView as the standard for viewing UWF optomaps; highly optimised workflow-based capture and review software, including the zero foot print installed OptosAdvance browser based review platform; clinical utilities including Auto-Montaging, which takes UWF to a whole new level.


How important is the development of new technology to improving patient care?

Optos are now part of the Nikon group and enjoy access to their unsurpassed expertise and R&D in the field of optics, and are developing an exciting array of new products that will become available over the next few years.

We view technology as the key to unlocking clinical insight and utility. In recent years Optos has invested heavily in R&D and clinical research to ensure that products leverage our unique technology in a manner that is efficient and usable for the community practice and also, comfortable and convenient for the patient. Our unique devices and extensions to the modalities are key to this but we also view developments in software solutions and utilities as a significant growth area.

What advice would you give our visitors when buying equipment for their practice?

When buying UWF equipment for your practice, it is important to ensure that it will provide a unique function that helps you differentiate from your competition while also creating value for your practice, ideally in terms of creating an additional stream of revenue or a higher standard of clinical care. There really is no comparison to UWF optomap technology; we simply advise that you book a free trial to see how this unique technology could complement existing services within your practice. 


Dr. Jeffry Gerson is speaking on the Main Stage and also the Equipment Hub. What will he be covering?

Dr Gerson will deliver 2 fascinating CET lectures on the imperatives of the periphery. He was an early adopter of our technology and has observed the evolution of the technology over 13 years, immediately seeing the value of UWF optomap imaging and now maintains that he cannot imagine practicing without it. For Gerson, the periphery matters - simple. He argues that this assertion is typically embraced in cases such as retinal breaks, in which a patient might present with floaters and flashes, however, it is not as commonly understood in early detection and progression of other pathologies and diseases which are often asymptomatic in early stages, such as in diabetic retinopathy.

What can our visitors expect from Optos at 100% Optical?

We love to image people and show off our amazing - and unique - technology! We want visitors to stop by stand M210 and experience the optomap ‘WOW’ factor for themselves. The full team will be on hand throughout the three day event to image visitors and more than happy to help assess how the technology integrates into community practices to raise clinical standards of care, differentiate from competitors and ultimately help run a growing, successful business.  


Gareth Steer: Vice-President European Sales at Optos plc

Gareth Steer: Vice-President European Sales at Optos