So how did Bigatmo come about?

I had been searching for some time for a pair of sunglasses, but finding the ideal pair for flying a commercial airliner was very frustrating. I’d even bought a pair from a brand that could certainly talk the technical talk. Unfortunately they didn’t deliver.

On the fateful day I was sitting at a table, an optician opposite me and a small mound of sunglasses between us. I found myself telling him that “this is pretty good, but..” and “that would be ok if..” He was becoming a little exasperated and eventually suggested that I might like to design my own.

This was my small moment of epiphany; how hard could it possibly be?

Bigatmo is derived from ‘Bigatmosphere’, our company name and is a nod to the complex atmosphere which surrounds our planet. 

Years of research and intelligent design allows Bigatmo sunglasses to expertly handle the various harsh and hostile conditions our atmosphere throws at each of us every single day.

That’s not an easy challenge, to create a sunglasses range from scratch.

No. I gathered a team who all excel in their areas of expertise. Design, optics, engineering etc and who share my determination to push the boundaries of sunglasses technology. 

We’ve always had the advantage of unparalleled access to a host of professional airline pilots, aerobatic pilots, air-racers and drivers, as well as guidance from some of the leading figures in the optical world, which has certainly made a difference.

The long adventure culminated in Bigatmo’s 2011 launch: a collection of high-spec sunglasses where compromise was simply out of the question.

Optimised for the aviation, motoring and sports sectors, Bigatmo’s advanced technology ensures that the colours of the world come alive.

So Why 100% Optical?

To date we have focussed on the aviation industry, appearing at air shows and expos. 100% Optical will be our first ever optical fair, just an hour away from our base. We are a British brand with a British designer, and are excited about broadening our reach to new (equally demanding) audiences. To be at an event which attracts such a large gathering of optical professionals is exciting and should provide the launch-pad we seek in finding new like-minded distributors and retailers.

So what’s happening at 100% Optical this year? 

The founders and Bigatmo team will be at Stand W16. Most exciting of all is that 100% Optical is the first public appearance of our second range of sunglasses. We will be revealing the new Sports collection, its unique design and function, alongside the original range. Visitors will benefit from meeting the founders and spending time digging deeper into the technical performance of Bigatmo’s eyewear. We are also running a competition to win your own pair straight after the show. 

What is so unique about Bigatmo?

The technology behind every pair of sunglasses is there to provide optimum performance in comfort, clarity and protection. It has been said that no other brand has done so much research in this most demanding of environments. Our customers are huge fans of Bigatmo because of outstanding attention to detail, and we are delighted to be worn by some of the top pilots in the world, including the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Champion Nigel Lamb and glider aerobatic ace Luca Bertossio.

We are a small, family-owned business and are passionately committed to a high quality, finely detailed product. We value honest, long-term relationships. Our customer service is at the heart of our business and it’s a part that we enjoy being involved in.

What one thing do you want to achieve most with Bigatmo?

There are too many people inadvertently wearing low quality sunglasses to protect their eyes. Marketing messages can mislead and consumer understanding can be limited. Even major brands with a technology back story, are failing to deliver the best technology they can. 

My aim is to help the customer demand better standards from their sunglasses, and that Bigatmo becomes the favoured niche brand for everyone who seeks to enjoy our big atmosphere.


Alastair Carrie, Founder of Bigatmo