What are the key trends in the optical collections for 2018? 

As well as a good mix of acetate collections at varying price points, metal frames are steadily rising, as they did in 2017. Across the collections, we see a mix of metals represented: stainless steel, titanium and luxurious gold or silver-plated frames. These styles are tending to be very slim and lightweight in their design and shape, with influences from several decades – the 40s and 50s – but also the 60s and 70s. Designers are turning up the attitude and creating a minimal look that still has an edgy fashion direction. Rimless designs are equally attractive, in terms of comfort and ease of wear, and new designs offer a chance to experience modern styling with a clean, individual aesthetic. 


Gotti gold

Ultra lightweight and barely there - Gotti Perspective


In the acetate collections, what are the notable trends in colour or styling?

There are some very beautiful acetates available, where colour mixes are explored to create new looks for the face. Customers are being encouraged to try frames in more diverse colourways or combination colours which bring something different to our everyday wardrobe. Of course, classic acetates in tortoiseshell prints or old-school colours like brown and black remain popular, but there is a lot more work by designers to upgrade these colours in new ways and to give them a modern direction. Material combinations are strong for the season ahead, and these styles give designers a chance to play with volumes, contrasts and interesting colour mixes.


FaceAFace Lewit2 col9530

New ways with materials: The open structure of the Lewit 2 by FACE A FACE offers a nice take on a metal/acetate combo


Are other materials likely to appear in 2018?

Yes - wood is now an established eyewear material - being able to offer frames in wood (or wood combined with other materials) as an optician is really important; consumers of all ages are increasingly wanting to try this eco-friendly choice in eyewear. Look out also for more recycled materials as well as other luxury favourites such as buffalo horn.


Is there a particular colour that will be desirable or are colour trends quite versatile?

It is essential to encourage customers to try new things. Colour trends are important in 2018 but there is a lot of choice. Shades of green continue to feature in the new season, but there are many other tones: neutrals, pastels, multi-colored patterns, or exciting contrasting combinations. There are lots of classic proposals which use a flash of colour on the front or on the temples to highlight and define the style…..these are a great choice for more conservative customers who are looking for a new look that’s flattering – without being too much of a fashion statement. 


Tom Davies

A wider choice of eyewear colours: Customers should be encouraged to try new things and colours they haven’t worn before – Limited Edition model Tom Davies 69577


For the 20 and 30 somethings with a real desire to get the latest fashion styling, what do you recommend in 2018?

Help them to be adventurous: there is so much choice and so much more focus on design and shapes that enhance or flatter the face….but customers need help to understand which ones work best for them, and which colours flatter their hair or skin tone. They need to try on lots of different looks and experience some of the latest designs and colour proposals.


Clodagh Profile

Clodagh Norton, Co-Founder of and Editor in Chief of 2020EUROPE