Why did you decide to enter the 100% Optical eyewear design competition?

Personally, I'm very interested in the design approach of eyewear. I have never tried to design one before this competition, so I decided to challenge myself by entering the 100% Optical eyewear design competition.

What inspired your design?

Myself, I think. One day I woke up looking at myself in the mirror, puffy eyes and tired face... and thought life is hard enough but precious. Time could be spent elsewhere rather than doing 'facial work' every day. I wondered if I could have a pair of eyewear glasses that does my makeup in the morning with my favourite blusher and eyebrow colour.

As the overall winner of the 2017 competition, how has it helped you develop your career?

After winning the competition, I gained a large amount of connections within this field and also more knowledge based around the optical industry. I got a chance to learn from scratch and work with Cubitts bespoke eyewear company over summer for a special project. These amazing experiences have given me ideas to build into my plans for the future.

Will you be attending 100% Optical 2018? If so, why?

Yes, I will. The trade fair brings lots eyewear brands together from all over the world and it will be a great opportunity to see whats new for the optical industry. It also allows me to meet different people and build up connections.

Are there any brands that you’re looking forward to seeing at the show?

I am still very new in this field, so I am looking forward to seeing whats out there, and any creative inspiration.

What exciting projects do you have in the pipeline?

This year until next year June, I will be mainly preparing my final collection for the Royal College Art degree show. Maybe  participating in a few competitions alongside as well.

Becky Hong, 2017 RCA Competition Winner