Can you point to two or three of the key trends in 2018?

There are many trends running simultaneously, which is great news for all of us. Oversized sunglasses are always popular, but on the other hand, the minimal trend has also impacted sunwear and very light designs with narrow frames – and of course the unisex aviator shapes – are going to continue to look edgy. There are also a lot more eccentric, crazy shapes like hexagons and designs that make a big statement such as cat’s eyes, so if you’re looking for something with a special personality – it’s out there! The trend for tiny sunglasses is also going to stick around, that’s a different look that really caught on last summer – the celebrities loved it.


Oversized with an asymmetrical colour design: Alyson Magee collection at Brando Eyewear (Model AM5004)


There has been lots of focus on the lens colours and lens shapes this year. Does this continue?

Yes, definitely. Lenses are a focus for creativity, and the colours and shapes have really developed dramatically. Alongside the statement mirrors, and more unusual popular tinted colours such as yellow, I have seen some really interesting graduated colour effects. I’ve also noticed that the Sun-Clip is back again and there are some super versions coming out for the new season. They are flattering and versatile.


ECO biobased frames from MODO: you can add a magnetic sun clip that matches the frame


And the materials?

While we traditionally seem to love classical acetate sunnies, and the retro-inspired metal styles, there are more and more opportunities to wear recycled eco-friendly materials and this is something that consumers will be looking for increasingly. These materials have really come on in the last years and are comfortable to wear, and kind to the skin. M49 by Mazzucchelli is one I’d definitely recommend, but there is now a wider choice of collections with an eco-friendly commitment as well as some gorgeous natural buffalo horn and wood sunglasses in the luxury ranges.

What is the colour palette for 2018?

Really, you can select your favourite colours in sunwear….as there is a wide choice. Tortoiseshell and neutral tones are doing well, and in the UK I have seen a greater interest in traditional colours with a touch of colour added on the temple or interior of the frame. We are also seeing other colour trends where 2 or 3 tones are combined in one design, often colours you might not expect to see together. You’ll also see green tones creeping into the collections again, transparent tones and some lovely flashes of red, neon pink and bright yellow.


Prodesign Denmark’s award-winning foldable sunglasses in translucent acetate, from Design Eyewear Group