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EYECONART is a completely unique interactive photography concept for events. Recently nominated for multiple awards, they always bring a buzz to networking events, a ‘wow’ factor to parties and conferences of all kinds, and create a crowd at exhibitions and tradeshows.

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Using patented cutting-edge technology, their skilled photographers capture an ultra-high resolution photograph of your eye. With specialist image editing software they then isolate the iris and enhance its detail to create a stunning piece of art for you to keep, either as a professionally-printed photograph or a digital version for sharing online.

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Each photo reveals a fascinating galaxy of pattern and colour which is completely unique to each person. The images can also be branded which generates a huge amount of social media engagement as visitors share their eye photos with friends and colleagues online.

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Additional services they offer include bespoke artworking
- bringing all the iris portraits together from an event into a composite artwork like a company's logo; data capture, and gamification.