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2020, The look of love

The theme of the 100% Optical and Royal College of Art (RCA) eyewear design competition for 2020 was Love.

Judges asked students at the college to design a frame that considers Love as a catalyst to the following questions;

  • What does the look of love look like?
  • How do we use our eyewear to interact with each other ?
  • How do you look ?
  • How do others see you?
  • How do you want to be viewed now and by future lovers?
  • How can your frames/ lens help you love life ?
  • The students must consider form, materials, lens and the overall packaging of frames.

The competition asked students to design and make a maquette of a new vision device for seduction, for romance and for your heart beat.
The eyewear design could function as a health aid/ protection, as well as a style statement. It is also OK to include new experiences through a viewfinder, device or VR headset.

Students were also asked to consider new systems of make and engineering frames as well as lens technologies and embedded technology or robotics.

6 finalists were selected by eyewear experts and engineers within the industry with the finalists work displayed at the 100% Optical 2020, Excel, London.

The Finalists


Rebecca Armstrong - Womenswear - 1st year

Rebecca Armstrong 1


Yili Cao - Womenswear (Millinery)

Ely Cao 2


Annie Mackinnon - Womenswear - 1st year

Annie Mackinnon 1


Adam Frost - Womenswear - 1st year

Adam Frost 2


Reiss Dendie - Footwear - 1st year

Reiss Dendie 2


Kitfung Sun - Menswear accessories - 2nd year

Kitfung Sun 1


Competition Prizes:

  • 1st prize £1000
  • The winner and 5 runners up will exhibit their frames at 100% Optical 2020

Update February 2020:

The winning design was announced at the Love Eyewear Awards which took place at the Zero Sette venue, Excel, on the Saturday evening after the 100% Optical show.


'Your sight, sound and smell, my love' by Ely Yili Cao

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