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Stand: W320
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For over 65 years, CHARMANT  has been renowned worldwide for its pioneering work in the research and development of new technologies in the optical industry. By striving for perfection and for the uncompromising high quality of its products, the Japanese company has developed into one of the most important producers and providers in the highly competitive international ophthalmic optics market. Thanks to our titanium expertise we even develop and produce devices for the medical world and so we have transformed ourselves into more than an eyewear company. 

With its goal to unreservedly fulfil the wishes and demands of its customers, Charmant can always be depended on for the highest quality awareness and outstanding service. This engagement and this passion are clearly seen in Charmant Group house brands: Charmant Titanium Perfection, Ad Lib, Line Art CHARMANT and CHARMANT Z as well as licensed brands: Esprit and ELLE. Thanks to its expertise in the production of high-quality spectacle frames and its comprehensive global sales network in over 100 countries, Charmant Group is greatly respected as a reliable business partner.


Charmant UK Co., Ltd
Unit 1 Kendal Court
Kendal Avenue Acton
United Kingdom


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  • This square-shaped model is minimalist in design, but the oversized front and its fine details make it stand out. Elegant engravings decorate Haruko’s temples and combine softness and refinement in a ...
  • This model pays tribute to Japanese eyewear history thanks to the precise engraving work on the temples. Yukiko is unique due to the polarized sun clip that perfectly fit the frame. This clip-on has c ...
  • Shino is our flagship model of the collection for women. It is a unique, extremely fine and feminine frame with an engraved brow line. The dual colour concept makes this style even more special. Shino ...
  • Clean but still exquisite and delicate, Noriko offers soft lines and absolute comfort. Discreet decorations have been meticulously engraved on the rim, reflecting the precision and quality of Japanese ...
  • With its carefully crafted bridge and the beautiful engraving on its temples, Katsushiro pays tribute to its Japanese origin. The beautiful colour contrast (AY/DO) of this unique piece gives it a stro ...
  • This style combines an authentic and artisanal style with a panto shape and meticulously decorated temples. Perfect for wearers who are sensitive to design and quality. The clip-on coming with Shichir ...
  • Heihachi sublimates the Minamoto collection with its authentic look and its Japanese allure. It’s a real object made to last, with the fine classic pattern on the bridge and end pieces in combination ...
  • Gorobei gets rid of the unnecessary, to return to the essentials of eyewear: comfort, finesse and beauty in the product. The finely engraved decorations on the bridge and end pieces are very delicate ...
  • This flagship model of the Minamoto collection for men embodies the very essence of authenticity. Akira takes us back to the past, a past where nose pads were not yet used for spectacles. A unique ant ...
  • Perfect lines, absolute comfort and ageless design: Kyuzo shows all expertise of the Minamoto know-how. The double-bridge is not like any other as the Minamoto Kanji meaning “The Origin” is stamped on ...
  • Zen minimalism at its best, Kikuchiyo perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics. The design of this model is clean, minimalistic and timeless thanks to its polygonal shape. The outer part of the ...
  • The Japanese values and traditions are clearly visible in this style: the streamlined design, the attention to detail and the high quality of the titanium material. Kambei features delicate design det ...
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