Nigel Kirkpatrick

Nigel Kirkpatrick

Medical director, Newmedica

Nigel Kirkpatrick has been a consultant ophthalmologist in Gloucestershire in the NHS and private practice for more 25 years and is the medical director of Newmedica. His interests are the management of intraocular disease, including cataract surgery, secondary lens implant procedures, revision surgery for complications and retinal disease, including vitrectomy surgery and management of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). He is an original founder of Newmedica who have a history of ophthalmology support for the NHS for over 10 years and has helped to found the programme of Newmedica Community Ophthalmology Centres across England for delivery of a broad range of ophthalmology services including cataract surgery, glaucoma care, management of wet AMD, vitreoretinal surgery and oculoplastic surgery.



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