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09 Jan 2024

AI for OCT analysis: 70+ biomarkers/pathologies detected

Altris AI Stand: M247
AI for OCT analysis: 70+ biomarkers/pathologies detected
AI for OCT analysis
Altris AI for OCT scan analysis: dry and wet AMD, DR, GA + 70 more retina pathologies/biomarkers

Have you heard about the first AI-powered platform for OCT scan analysis cleared by the FDA in 2023? It is called Atris AI, and it can detect more than 70 retina pathologies and biomarkers on OCT scans. The list includes but is not limited to dry and wet AMD, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Geographic Atrophy. Altris AI was created by a team of retina experts under the supervision of its Medical Director, Maria Znamenska, MD, PhD, to assist eye care specialists with OCT interpretation. 


The goal of the Altris AI team is to make the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) analysis workflow more efficient. This is achieved with the help of AI algorithms that sort out pathological OCT scans and analyze them on the presence of retina pathologies and biomarkers. 


First, the AI Severity detection module sorts out all non-pathological OCT scans. It means that an eye care specialist can work only with scans where retina pathologies and biomarkers are present. Which automatically means more time for patient communication.


Second, Altris AI analyzes pathological OCT scans on the presence/absence of 70+ retina pathologies and biomarkers. The list includes some very widespread pathologies and biomarkers, such as Geographic Atrophy, Diabetic Retionopathy, various types of drusen as well as rare biomarkers, such as Tapetoretinal Degeneration or  Macular Telangiectasia Type 2. More than that, automated measurements of area and volume or biomarkers is available.

There is also a completely new module inside Altris AI that is worth mentioning: Glaucoma Risk Analysis. Early detection of glaucoma is challenging: the signs can be subtle making them difficult to detect. Ganglion Cell Complex asymmetry analysis categorises the risk of developing glaucoma. The module uses the same macula scans as the other Altris AI features and will help to determine which patients are at higher risk. Glaucoma Early Risk Assessment Module decreases the number of false positive referrals and increases the standard of care by supporting the early diagnosis therefore timely treatment will improve the patient's prognosis.


Several months ago Alris AI received FDA clearance in addition to the CE certificate that we had before. The system is also GDPR and HIPPA compliant which means that the security of patient’s data is our core priority.


“At Altris AI we are thrilled to introduce a new way of working with OCT: faster, more informative, and with more control," said Maria Znamenska, Medical Director of Altris AI, MD, PhD in Ophthalmology. "Our team of retina experts and IT specialists has worked tirelessly to develop cutting-edge technologies that will set higher standards in the eye care industry and improve patient outcomes as a result.”


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