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13 Feb 2024

Bonavista Optics - A Journey of Vision an Innovation

Bonavista Optics Inc Stand: E18
Bonavista Optics - A Journey of Vision an Innovation
Bonavista Optics Founder - Bonnie Ashley
The Journey

Bonavista Optics, an esteemed eyewear brand, traces its roots back to nearly a decade ago in the
United States. What started as a humble optical shop has since evolved into a powerhouse in the
industry, encompassing eyewear design and distribution. This remarkable transformation can be
attributed to the visionary mind behind it all - Bonnie Ashley, designer and licensed Dispensing
Optician and Contact Lens Technician with a wealth of experience dating back to 1980.
From Optical Shop to Eyewear Design and Distribution:
Bonavista Optics embarked on its journey with the establishment of an optical shop, catering to the
diverse needs of individuals seeking high-quality eyewear solutions. As the years went by, Bonnie
Ashley recognized the potential to offer more than just a typical optical shop and set forth on a
path of expansion and innovation.
With a keen eye for design and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Bonavista
Optics gradually incorporated eyewear design into its repertoire. By combining functionality with
style, they aimed to provide customers with eyewear that not only enhanced their vision but also
reflected their individuality and fashion sense.
The Transition:
The transition from a conventional optical shop to a prominent eyewear brand was not an
overnight process for Bonavista Optics. It was a carefully planned and executed endeavor, rooted in
Bonnie Ashley's deep understanding of the industry and her dedication to meeting the
needs of customers.
Through meticulous research and collaboration with industry experts, Bonavista Optics honed their
design skills and expanded their network of suppliers. This enabled them to curate a diverse
collection of eyewear that encompassed a wide range of styles, materials, and functionalities.
The Visionary Behind Bonavista Optics:
Bonnie Ashley, the driving force behind Bonavista Optics, brings a wealth of knowledge and
expertise to the table. With over four decades of experience as a licensed Dispensing Optician and
Contact Lens Technician, Bonnie has honed her craft and gained a deep understanding of the
intricacies of the international optical industry.
Her passion for helping individuals achieve optimal vision, coupled with her creative flair, led her to
establish Bonavista Optics. Through her leadership and commitment to excellence, Bonnie has
steered the company towards success, earning a reputation for delivering exceptional eyewear
solutions that combine functionality, style, and comfort.
Bonavista Optics is a testament to the power of vision and innovation. What began as an optical
shop has evolved into a renowned eyewear brand, thanks to Bonnie Ashley's unwavering
dedication and expertise. With a focus on design and distribution, Bonavista Optics continues to
redefine the eyewear industry by providing customers with eyewear that not only enhances their
vision but also reflects their unique personality and style. As the brand looks towards the future,
one thing is certain - Bonavista Optics will continue to push boundaries and set new standards in
the world of eyewear.

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