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09 Feb 2024

Our goal is for each mother to know that Mokki is the best eyewear for their child and their eye health

MOKKI AS Stand: E264

Mokki Click & Change: Pioneering Children's Eyewear with Innovation and Global Impact

Oslo, Feb 9-2024 – Mokki Click & Change, a trailblazer in children's eyewear, continues to revolutionize the industry with its innovative approach to eye protection and style. Tailored to meet the unique needs of young wearers, Mokki Click & Change offers a range of groundbreaking sunglasses that prioritize comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Mokki Click & Change's remarkable journey has been marked by a series of prestigious awards. In 2020, the brand received the coveted Red Dot Award, recognizing its dedication to exceptional design and quality. The same year witnessed Mokki Click & Change achieving success on multiple fronts, as it triumphed in both the German Design Award and the German Innovation Award, solidifying its reputation for innovation and excellence.

2020 also saw Mokki Click & Change being honored with the Good Design Award in the USA, a testament to its global impact and design prowess.

The brand's international acclaim continued to soar in subsequent years. In 2021, Mokki Click & Change proudly received the esteemed Eyewear Kids Award in Japan, affirming its global resonance. Simultaneously, CBS News recognized the brand as one of the "10 Innovations of the Year" in the United States, solidifying its status as a trailblazer.

Further recognition and achievements followed. In 2023, Mokki Click & Change was nominated as an "Upcoming Designer of the Year," highlighting its ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries.

Mokki Click & Change's dedication to excellence is also underscored by its local and regional recognition. In 2020, the brand earned recognition as the "Best Baby & Kids Eyewear Specialist," showcasing its commitment to serving young wearers. In 2021, the Scandinavian Business Award honored Mokki Click & Change for its remarkable contributions to the business landscape.

The brand's journey of recognition came full circle in Oslo, where Mokki Click & Change was crowned the "Eyewear Specialist of the Year" in 2020.

Notably, Mokki Click & Change's impact extends beyond accolades. Renowned eye doctors have begun recommending our sunglasses, especially for albino children, recognizing our commitment to eye health and protection.

In just three years, Mokki Click & Change has achieved remarkable global expansion, establishing a presence in 14 countries.

With each accolade and milestone, Mokki Click & Change solidifies its unwavering commitment to crafting innovative, stylish, and protective eyewear for children. As caregivers seek the best for their young ones, Mokki Click & Change stands as a symbol of excellence, safety, and unmatched design.

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