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24 Jan 2024

Grandmother-of-11 Rose praises ‘magic’ NHS cataract surgery for transforming her life

Spa Medica Stand: L110
Grandmother-of-11 Rose praises ‘magic’ NHS cataract surgery for transforming her life

A grandmother of 11 who was forced to retire due to failing sight and ill health says she ‘can’t believe the difference in herself’ following ‘magic’ NHS cataract surgery at SpaMedica.

Rose Callcott (68) had become increasingly concerned by changes in her vision. She explained: “Over several months, my sight declined quite quickly. My driving was affected so I couldn’t take my youngest grandchildren out, and I couldn’t see the telly properly or complete my crosswords, which I love to do. I also fell over a few times – I tripped over the cat on the stairs, and fell in the garden. It was really worrying.”

Rose had to give up work as a domestic assistant in a hospital due to ill health. As well as the sight issues she experienced, she has bulging discs in her spine which affect her mobility.

A visit to her local optician revealed Rose had fast-growing cataracts and she was subsequently referred to SpaMedica in Wirral for treatment. Just six weeks later, Rose attended the hospital for her pre-operative assessment, where eye tests revealed that – due to her underlying health conditions – she was at risk of developing complications during her cataract surgery. Rose was subsequently transferred to SpaMedica Liverpool, where she had her surgery carried out by a highly skilled vitreoretinal surgeon, supported by a specialist team of healthcare professionals trained in complex cataract surgery.

Rose said: “I was a bit scared before my first surgery – when it’s your eyes, you are apprehensive. I wondered how they’d operate on me while I was awake, but I was put at ease by the staff straight away. The team is just so polite and kind, and the hospital was spotless. I can’t walk very far due to the issues with my back – I was welcomed at the door and helped to a seat, and nothing was too much trouble for anybody. They treat you like a friend, like they’ve known you for a long time. It’s lovely.”

Rose’s first surgery was a success, and she says she ‘couldn’t wait’ for her second operation. “The second time I wasn’t frightened at all – I just couldn’t wait to get it done. I saw the same surgeon too, which was really nice.”

Within five months, Rose had received treatment on both eyes and is fully recovered, now enjoying life with what she describes as “crystal clear” vision. “I’d been told I could be waiting for much longer to be treated at my local hospital, and so to be feeling like this now after just a few months – it’s just wonderful. I can’t believe the difference in myself. It really is magic.

“I cannot praise SpaMedica highly enough. Their skill, their talent – and everyone is so nice. I feel so much more confident now. I can do my crosswords, and I’m busy taking my grandchildren out again. It’s just amazing to have my sight back – the only problem is that I can see the dust in my house much more clearly!”

Hospital Director for the North, Heather Johnston, said: “We’re delighted to hear just how happy Rose is feeling following her surgery. Her description of staff treating her like they’ve always known her is particularly lovely to hear, as we really do endeavour to make every patient feel like they’re part of the family, ensuring they’re comfortable and receive the highest quality care throughout their experience.

“Cataracts can have a highly detrimental impact on quality of life if left untreated, so it’s wonderful that Rose is assuring others of the positive outcomes of surgery and that it’s nothing to worry about. It’s great to hear she was treated in a much shorter time frame than she originally anticipated, too. Cataract removal gives patients their independence as well as their eye health back, and we’re thrilled that Rose can enjoy her crosswords and time with her grandchildren once more.”

SpaMedica has 50 hospitals across the UK, with thousands of NHS patients receiving treatment at their hospitals each year.

A total of 35 of SpaMedica’s hospitals have been inspected by the Care Quality Commission, with 13 achieving an ‘Outstanding’ rating and 22 hospitals securing a ‘Good’ rating, reinforcing the company’s reputation as a provider of choice for thousands of patients across the country.

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