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29 Sep 2021

OCULUS Myopia Master

Birmingham Optical Group Stand: M200

OCULUS Myopia Master® – The all-in-one device for myopia management.

Refraction, axial length and keratometry are the main measures required for professional myopia management, but only in combination do they allow
for individualized treatment and counselling.

Fast and contactless measurement

The Myopia Master® performs fast measurements of the most important parameters relating to myopia development. The measurement process usually
takes less than 2 minutes. Absolutely contactless and therefore painless.

Reliable and reproducible results

The standard deviation of repeated measurements of axial length is about 0.03 mm equivalent to a refractive error change of 0.08 D.
Assessment of hyperopia or myopia.

Easy to incorporate

  • Predefined software workflow
  • Consideration of specific risks
  • Take-home report for patient education
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