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Mainline Instruments Limited

Stand: M330
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Mainline Instruments Limited

Mainline Instruments was established in 1997 and have since been providing high quality ophthalmic instruments and accessories to the optical community. We pride ourselves on our outstanding service and support within both the optometry and medical divisions.

We are very proud to have such strong links with major international manufacturers, enabling us to bring you the latest technological innovations to ensure that your practice, clinic, or retail outlet operates in an efficient and profitable manner.


Units 2
The Cyclo Works
Lifford Lane
Kings Norton
West Midlands
B30 3DY
United Kingdom

Contact Exhibitor

Contact Exhibitor

  • CASIA2 Features: Testing application for Cataract / Glaucoma / Cornea Surgery Glaucoma angle analysis (360) Advanced imaging with high resolution and deep scanning depth (13mm) Very fast scanning spee ...
  • OCULUS Keratograph 5M

    04 Jan 2024
    Multi-purpose Topographer Aside from Topography and Topographic keratoconus screening, the Keratograph 5M provides a large contact lens database and many analysis for daily practice. The built-in Kera ...
  • OCULUS Pentacam® HR

    04 Jan 2024
    The Pentacam® HR supplies you with precise diagnostic data on the entire Anterior Eye Segment. The degree of corneal or crystalline lens density is made visible by the light scattering properties of t ...
  • OCULUS Smartfield

    04 Jan 2024
    The modern device for Standard Automated Perimetry 
  • OCULUS Easyfield®

    04 Jan 2024
    The compact perimeter with visual field screener 
  • All-in-one device for Myopia Management  - Refraction  - Axial Lenght  - Keratometry  Fast and Contactless measurement
  • iCare IC100 Tonometer

    12 Dec 2022
    The tonometer for all eye care professionals. The iCare IC100 is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drop, airs or specialised skills for its use. The latest premium and innovative ...
  • iCare IC200 Tonometer

    12 Dec 2022
    The iCare IC200 tonometer is designed for professional use in the surgical operation room, the emergency room and also the clinic. It uses the same patented rebound measuring principle found in other ...
  • iCare HOME2 Tonometer

    12 Dec 2022
    This easy to use iCare tonometer revolutionises IOP home monitoring – making it fast, effortless and effective. iCare HOME2 is designed for home use for glaucoma patients who need regular IOP monitori ...
  • The DRSplus is the latest innovation from iCare and it utilises a confocal fundus imaging system setting a new standard of retinal imaging.  It uses a white LED illumination combined with confocal sca ...
  • The EIDON product family was the first TrueColor Confocal Scanner in the market.  It combines TrueColor technology and confocality to create ultra high-resolution wide field images.  It is the first s ...
  • The Optomed Aurora IQ is a handheld fundus camera meaning you can perform fundus screening anytime, anywhere. A versatile tool used by a variety of professionals, optometrists, eye-specialists, neurol ...
  • iCare IC100 Tonometer

    12 Dec 2022 Mainline Instruments
    How to measure eye pressure with the iCare IC100 Tonometer.
  • iCare IC200 Tonometer

    12 Dec 2022 Mainline Instruments
    How to measure intra ocular pressure with the iCare IC200 tonometer?
  • iCare HOME2 Tonometer

    12 Dec 2022 Mainline Instruments
    The new iCare HOME2 Tonometer
  • iCare DRSplus

    12 Dec 2022 Mainline Instruments
    iCare DRSplus confocal fundus imaging system 
  • iCare EIDON Confocal Scanner

    12 Dec 2022 Mainline Instruments
    iCare’s unique TrueColor Confocal Technology.
  • Optomed Aurora IQ Handheld Fundus Camera

    12 Dec 2022 Mainline Instruments
    Optomed Aurora hand-held fundus camera introduces a totally new concept in fundus imaging where high-quality imaging meets ease-of-use.
  • Tomey MR-6000 Multifunction Unit

    12 Dec 2022 Mainline Instruments
    Minimize your examintation time down to just 90 seconds for measurement of Refraction + Keratometry + Tonometry + Pachymetry + Topography.
  • Huvitz HOCT

    12 Dec 2022 Mainline Instruments
    5 in 1 OCT, HOCT
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