Imran Rahman

Imran Rahman

CEO of CHEC and consultant ophthalmologist

Imran Rahman has been a consultant ophthalmologist for 13 years, having specialised in corneal transplantation, glaucoma and cataract surgery. Since 2012, Imran has been at the forefront of innovation and service delivery in ophthalmology, managing and reducing bottlenecks in service provision. As the CEO of CHEC, Imran has developed a national service delivering outpatient and surgical care for ophthalmic patients, managing over 260,000 consultations per year and over 30,000 surgical procedures, across the current 12 hospitals CHEC owns and a further 120+ community sites. CHEC have over 1600 optometrists supporting CHEC services through our commissioned contracts. Imran’s goal is to transform outpatient care in traditional hospital settings to community sites, reducing inequalities in healthcare and promoting accessibility.



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