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100% Optical Online is your 365 days of the year online optical community, giving opticians and optometrists an environment to learn, network and be inspired.

The platform provides unparalleled networking opportunities via AI powered matchmaking, meeting request scheduling, video calls and instant messaging. 

Position your brand in front of a pre-qualified audience and don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your latest eyewear products.

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Due to the information we gather at our live events, we are able to pre- qualify our audience based on product interest and purchasing authority. With a targeted campaign, 100% Optical Online will only invite the most relevant people to take part, meaning that conversations and opportunities will hold a higher value to those involved.

Campaign Reach

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The Platform

100% Optical Online will be hosted on Swap Card, an advanced digital platform with tools to showcase brands and products, host streamed content and facilitate conversations.

Advanced Networking Tools
  • Generate qualified leads and arrange meetings with participants directly from within the platform
  • AI powered matchmaking
  • Video calls within the platform
  • Instant messaging
  • Private meeting scheduler
Detailed Brand Profiles
  • Showcase your products, projects and key information via your brand profile
  • Logo, video or cover photo
  • Contact details
  • Product directory
  • Project directory
  • Meeting scheduler and instant messaging
  • Team member profiles



  • Live content will be streamed via the platform and facilitate live interactions including Q&A’s and polls