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Make the most of unused space in your home with these clever conversion ideas, simple storage hacks and DIY design tips.

Transform empty spaces in your home into meaningful spaces with these clever tips

You’re always going to need to find clever solutions to ensure a tidy and ordered interior.

From decluttering your living room and creating a productive work environment to creating smart under-stairs units and a restful bedroom, here’s how to utilise every inch of space. So say goodbye to clutter and hello to a streamlined home.

How to maximise space in your hallway


Photo credit: Max Attenborough

It’s important to keep this busy area clean and tidy, but without adequate storage, it can easily become a dumping ground for coats, shoes and bags.

Choose sleek units, use every nook and cranny, and explore some savvy solutions. Add a bench with a lift-up seat to store away bulky scarves and winter essentials during the warmer months.

And try decorating your hallway walls with horizontal stripes in crisp white and fresh spring shades to maximise the feeling of space and light.

How to utilise unused space under your staircase

shelve storage

Photo credit: Russel Sadur

Adapting the area below a staircase or in an awkward corner or alcove is a great way to include extra shelves and pull-out drawers if you need additional storage.

Check your stairs are straight and wide enough to offer you plenty of storage underneath, and make sure you measure the width of the area and cut shelves to fit this gap snugly.

How to include storage in an unused space


Photo credit: Oliver Gordon

Usually the main family bathroom is one of the busiest, so your storage choices need to be clever, stylish and practical. Opt for built-in units with hidden drawers and, if floor space is at a premium, use modular furniture. Picture ledges can display toiletries and home accessories without taking up too much room.

Baskets are great for keeping bathroom essentials tidy, as they can be moved around as and when needed. Look out for pretty jars and containers for beauty products, such as cotton wool and soaps, instead of unattractive packaging. The floor below a console or wall-hung basin has huge storage potential.

Build shelving or a bespoke unit, or just tuck a basket underneath – ideal for keeping towels in.

How to design a pretty, practical work area in a vacant space

desk storage

Photo credit: Oliver Gordon

Choose a desk with deep drawers and consider a surface that extends if you need extra space. Put up shelves above, and create a faux-suspended look by wrapping with hessian strips or ribbon for a rustic twist.

Keep paperwork and media cables hidden in pastelcoloured boxes or wire baskets for an on-trend look. Adding soft touches to a practical space will help it blend in with the homey feel of the rest of the house.

Finish by painting the zone in calming, subdued tones.

How to upcycle old drawers to compliment feature walls

childrens room

Photo credit: Max Attenborough

Begin by sanding down the wood. Wash to remove the dust and leave to dry completely before painting the fronts with a chalky matt furniture paint. Use a different bright or pastel shade on each surface for a modern, eclectic result – this also means you only need to buy tester pots of your favourite colours.

Replace existing handles or pulls with new ones – look for fun shapes or designs in complementary tones.

Get the most out of your upcycled furniture by placing it in front of a wall covered in geometric paper and hanging quirky accessories or prints above it.

Article by the Good Homes Magazine editors. 

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