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When decorating a home, the bathroom tends to be the last space to get designed and sometime can get the least thought. There are a lot trends circulating at the minute, so if you are embarking on a bathroom renovation project, Bespoke Interiors Newcastle are here to help you implement these 2019 bathroom trends the best way possible…

Spruce up your bathroom and utilise wall space

Forget the boring white or blue tile walls and floors. Open your bathroom to a feature wall with some palm trees to create a relaxing SPA-like atmosphere. Feature walls are becoming extremely trendy and are such an easy and quick way to add a refreshing touch to your bathroom and instantaneously create an atmosphere that will help you relax and unwind.

If you prefer traditional tiling for your bathroom, why not play with some shapes and textures? Different shapes being used in tiling is becoming the new 'it' trend for bathroom designs, like hexagons and mosaics, and fascinating patterns being created with rectangular tiles.

For those that prefer a more minimalistic change, it's worth playing with different coloured grouts, when tiling. This can make the biggest difference in the feel or a look of your bathroom.

Why not dip it in gold?

Gone are the days when the only option for taps, showers and accessorise was chrome. As metallics such as gold, rose gold and nickel are sweeping interior design trends by storm, bathrooms are no exception.

Mixing metals is a massive upcoming trend in 2019, but if you prefer a coordinated look instead, make sure you choose a bathroom range that will cover all your bathroom design needs.

Brainy bathrooms

Smart home systems are revolutionising the way we think of our homes. Voice-activated gadgets are becoming staple tools in a lot of homes. The bathroom is no exception.

Start your relaxing bath before you even get home so it's waiting for you once you get there or schedule your morning shower to be just the right temperature on a cold winter morning. Smart showering systems are widespread and becoming more and more affordable. These can be integrated seamlessly with a wide range of designs available.

Be a storage champ

Space-saving items are becoming more and more popular. Utilise all your space with some handy storage solutions - swap pedestal basin for a vanity unit. Vanity units are becoming more and more popular especially in the last year and a half.

With environmentally friendly solutions becoming more popular with some people, it's reassuring to see a wide range of wooden finishes and colours available in vanity designs. Ensuring that whatever style you chose for your bathroom, chances are you'll be successful at finding the perfect vanity to store all your essentials.

Shine a light on it

Lighting is an essential component for setting the right mood for your bathroom. Choose industrial lights for a minimalistic and monochrome bathroom or an elegant chandelier for more of a romantic feel. LED mirror and wall lights offer energy-efficient alternatives if that's of priority in your bathroom. The options are endless!

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